Safety Training for Industrial Businesses

Training employees on safety procedures and techniques make your industrial business safer. As part of your risk management strategy, training can help lower insurance rates, keep employees safer and even build-up morale. Here are some safety training options to consider for your business.

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Confined Spaces

Confined space rescue training prepares employees on how to rescue someone when things get tight. Many industrial facilities have tight spaces that employees need to access. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong and a person needs help. Training staff on how to rescue other employees from these spaces can save a life and keep your business safer.

Chemical Spills

Many industrial businesses rely on chemicals to clean equipment, create products or even create chemicals. A spill can be disastrous not just for the equipment but also the employees standing nearby. Employees should make sure they are wearing the necessary safety equipment when handling any chemical. Have the MSDS sheet available for them to access at all times. Have a spill kit on hand that is appropriate for that chemical. Hold drills to keep employees ready to jump in and help at any point.

Safety Gear

Train staff on how to properly wear the various safety gear. Someone who incorrectly wears the safety goggles, gloves, boots or welder’s helmet may not be protected from harm. Work with all new employees on how to properly use these items. Then check up with employees regularly to ensure that they are using them properly. Sometimes people forget over time or get lax, keep them on their toes to avoid harm befalling anyone.

OSHA Standards

Make sure all employees follow OSHA standards. Go beyond simply having the signage around everywhere. Evaluate your working conditions to make sure they are as safe as possible. Some industries are inherently more dangerous to work in than others. However, even these industries can be made as safe as possible. Use these standards as a guideline as you create a risk management and safety plan for your business. Then review them annually to keep your business safe.

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