How To Become a Firefighter

How To Become a Firefighter

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Many little boys and girls dream of becoming firefighters when they grow up. It’s an exciting career, and being a firefighter lets you be a hero who has regular adventures. The reality of firefighting might not exactly match the dream in a child’s mind, but it is still a rewarding career for many. If you’ve thought of becoming a firefighter, here are some things to know about the steps to take.

Requirements Vary

States have different requirements for becoming a firefighter. A great way to learn more is to talk to the people at your local fire station. They can tell you what’s needed in your state and help you better understand what the job entails. Every state has some type of training requirements, so you can look into Texas firefighting school options that are available to you.

Meet the Basic Requirements

Before you enter a firefighter training program, you can work toward initial requirements. Firefighters must achieve emergency medical technician (EMT) certification. In addition, there are physical requirements for a career in this industry. Passing the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) is a good start toward firefighter candidacy.

Most programs also require a written test that assesses basic academic skills such as math, reading, and reasoning. Even if you aren’t required to pass this type of test before entering training, brushing up on any skills that feel rusty is a great way to prepare.

Consider a Degree

Firefighting candidates can choose to earn a degree in various aspects of fire science. Different degree levels are available, from an associate’s degree to post-graduate. This path will take longer than most training programs. One option is to complete firefighting school and secure a job, then choose to go back to school for more specialized knowledge once you have some experience. 

Following up on a childhood dream of becoming a firefighter is a great career choice for many. Consider the options available to you in pursuing this goal and start down your path with confidence.