7 Top Note-Taking Strategies That Help Students Learn

Have you ever been in the middle of delivering a great lesson that’s full of important information only to look out and realize none of your students are taking notes? It’s not surprising—many kids these days expect handouts or other materials they can refer back to later. But taking notes is actually a pretty important skill for kids to learn. Here’s why, along with some note-taking strategies they should try.

Why are good note-taking strategies important?

Study after study has shown the importance of actively taking notes rather than passively reading a handout later on. The act of writing engages different parts of the brain, forging new pathways that help students retain information in long-term memory.

What’s more, the studies show that the more detailed the notes, the better. And using different note-taking strategies helps too. In some cases, a general outline can be effective. But when you want students

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How To Set Up a Sound Wall in Your Classroom

All of the conversations occurring about literacy studying and the science of studying positively encourage academics and colleges to look rigorously at their tutorial practices—and, usually, to discover new ones that assist children. Certainly one of these is the sound wall. Try these implausible sources to get you began utilizing one in your classroom.

What’s a sound wall?

This scholar useful resource reveals the 44 phonemes (sounds) within the English language. It consists of consonant sounds and vowel sounds and the assorted methods to spell every sound.

How is a sound wall totally different from a phrase wall?

A sound wall isn’t a phrase wall. These two sources are totally different as a result of:

  • To make use of a phrase wall, one should be capable to learn the phrases, so children usually want trainer assist. A sound wall encourages impartial use. It helps children progress from what they will
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The Greatest Playground Gear for Faculties

It’s exhausting to think about an elementary faculty with no playground! Swings, slides, monkey bars … playground gear for faculties just about regarded the identical for a very long time. As of late, although, there are such a lot of enjoyable choices. We’ve rounded up our favourite playground must-haves, together with recommendation on the place to purchase them—and afford them.

Playground Gear Suppliers

Questioning the place to purchase outside playground gear for faculties? Listed here are among the prime suppliers, recognized for his or her high quality and dedication to security. Some supply full playground design and set up, whereas others merely provide the gear you want. Select the one which’s proper to your faculty.

Grants for Playground Gear

There’s little question about it: Playground gear is costly. Whether or not you need to add a bit of apparatus or construct a complete new play house, you’re hundreds of {dollars},

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{Dollars} & Choices Interactive Course: Get the Trainer Information

Have you ever heard about {Dollars} & Choices? It’s a free “Select Your Personal Journey”–type interactive course designed to introduce fundamental monetary literacy to college students in grades 8-12. Earlier than you’ve gotten your college students play it, you’re going to wish to try our {Dollars} & Choices Trainer Information. We’ll present you set your class up for fulfillment and get essentially the most out of this superior course. 

What’s the interactive course all about?

Dollars and Decisions Game

The thought behind {Dollars} & Choices is to educate college students about fundamental private finance in essential areas (financial institution accounts, saving for rapid wants and for the long run, and handle credit score) to provide them the information and confidence to handle their cash.

The course is set as much as replicate a younger grownup’s life. Gamers share an condominium with two roommates, select a job, and must price range for hire, utilities,

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Help! A Student Lied About Me and Now Their Parents Are Furious

Dear WeAreTeachers,
One of my second grade students told their mom that I tore up their homework in front of the class. Not only did nothing remotely close to this happen, but I haven’t given them any homework in almost a month. The parent emailed me demanding a conference. What am I supposed to say to this parent if they want to meet about an “issue” that’s a bold-faced lie?  —Professor to a Perjurer

Dear P.T.A.P.,

Gasp! How dare you suggest that children LIE? ?

First, I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this. Had the parent taken a beat to ask, “Hey, is this true?,” they could have avoided the whole thing.

Make sure you gently communicate to the parents before the meeting that the incident didn’t actually happen. It may make the parents tuck their tails and apologize or it might offend them further, but it’s better for

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